Writing On The Wall: Prez Biden Resignation Inevitable?!?!

As of this writing it seems doubtful Prez Biden will successfully complete his term.

That's an objective assessment and something that even the most loyal Democratic Party supporters would have to admit is quite possible . . . Probable actually . . . Let's be honest, it's gonna happen sooner or later.  

Unfortunately, all of the right-wing talkers who sound like school yard bullies seem to be convincing the electorate regarding the leadership ability of the current Commander-In-Chief. 

Questions about Prez Biden's fitness to hold office are now gaining momentum. 

The horrific part of all this is that adults have to defend the Prez following a horrific disaster in Afghanistan that cost 13 American troops their lives. 

Democratic Party loyalists must feign affinity for the Head of State when it seems that not even former Prez Obama really had much respect for the dude. 

In Kansas City rallies for candidate Biden drew only a smattering of people and seemed tragically small when compared to the massive turnout of Prez Trump fanbois.

Now with a Saturday shout out to Belshazzar's feast . . .


At the very least, that's what a great many of his critics are demanding right here in Missouri . . . Starting with Sen. Josh Hawley.

Nevertheless . . . 

Prez Biden's departure from office isn't a conspiracy theory and former Prez Trump will still be spending his days playing golf and trolling his adversaries no matter what happens.

Instead . . . 

Kansas City progressive leaders should start preparing for Prez Kamala Harris and all of the right wing hateration that will entail. 

Again, this scenario is starting to look more likely because the series of events doesn't really benefit anyone . . . 

Racial divisions will worsen when the GOP attempts to degrade an African-Indian-American leader . . . And Republican rancor to overturn alleged voter fraud won't seem as urgent. 

Meanwhile, let's not forget that the only person progressive voters like less than Prez Joe Biden is Veep Kamala Harris and her really horrible reputation for locking up people of color

If all of this seems like speculation . . . Tell us who would have imagined there would be an American dress code and the world would be locked down two years ago??? Or that the mightiest military in the history of the world would retreat from an army of barefoot terrorists who can't even get along with each other.

TKC isn't making a timeline and we take absolutely no pleasure in this assessment . . . NEVERTHELESS . . . It really just doesn't seem like Prez Biden will complete the job he was elected to do . . . And that has very real implications for the Kansas City, the nation and the world.

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You decide . . .