Worthless Kansas City Street Repair Promises Resurface

Politicos and noobs promising street repair is a traditional Kansas City ploy that only works on the willfully naive and the pathetic hipsters who just paid too much for a luxury apartment inside the loop. 

There's a new tweak every time around . . .

Former Mayor Funkhouser wanted Public Works to obey time limits on seemingly permanent steel plates.

Former Mayor Sly helped to commission a comprehensive steel plate study . . .

Nothing ever changed but local media dutifully transcribed talking points whilst Kansas City roads remained in horrific condition. 

This week's news blast featured the new city manager and the mayor reinventing the wheel . . . Which might help since local streets kill so many tires.

Tired Of Metal Plates And Potholes? Kansas City Now Requires Utilities To Fix Streets They Tear Up

On the tidy blocks of the Blue Hills Association in south Kansas City, a family neighborhood where residents walk their dogs and meet on the street to visit with one another, Valerie Watson, 68, says her entire block has been torn up since October 2020, when workers installed new pipes.

Fewer steel plates and patched roads? City leaders pass plan to make streets smoother

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City council members hope to make your drive through the city a lot smoother with some new rules. City council members voted to adopt stricter street excavation standards Thursday. The new rules require utilities to make more extensive repairs to city streets after they finish underground work.

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