Without COVID Vaxx JoCo Workers Must Test Weekly

It's not exactly a mandate, just very strong "encouragement" from the Golden Ghetto that's perfectly legal in a red state that backs "at-will" employment wherein the GOP super-majority have assured that workers have very few rights.

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Unvaccinated Johnson County employees must get tested weekly

OLATHE, Kan. (AP) - The most populous county in Kansas is requiring its employees to submit to weekly COVID-19 testing if they aren't vaccinated. "With the sharp increase of the delta variant, we want employees to be safe," Johnson County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson said in a statement.

Johnson County to require weekly testing for most employees not fully vaccinated

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Johnson County will require weekly testing for most employees who aren't fully vaccinated, a spokesperson for the county confirmed to KSHB 41 News on Saturday. County Manager, Penny Postoak Ferguson, announced the mandatory testing program this week. The testing will begin Aug.

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