Will There Be Reparations At William Jewell?!?

Across the nation college enrollment is down for a lot of reasons but mostly because the working-class have stopped believing in the myth of American social mobility by any other means than online celebrity.


To keep it interesting for those with the cash to make college happen, check a fun pastime that's won't profit people looking for a job . . . A historical blame game of people who are long dead . . .

Here’s the reality members of the Slavery, Memory and Justice Project discovered:

- Ninety percent of the college’s 33 trustees from 1849-50 — who helped found and fund William Jewell — profited directly from slavery, enslaving a combined total of at least 307 people.

- About 79% of trustees who joined between 1851 and 1865 profited directly from slavery, enslaving at least 153 people.
- Alexander Doniphan — a legendary Clay Countian and college founder — was deeply pro-slavery and supported a bill that would penalize public abolitionist advocacy with a jail sentence.

- The story that Dr. William Jewell freed all his slaves upon his death isn’t true.

- Enslaved people contributed to building Jewell Hall.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link and let's hope this leads to some tuition discounts . . .

'Our founders owned slaves': William Jewell project reveals truths, prompts calls for change

A group of student, faculty and alumni researchers at William Jewell College is investigating a neglected piece of its history: its founders’ connections to slavery.