Will COVID Surge Worsen Kansas City Homicide Spike?!?!

Last night's critical injury shooting turned into a homicide early this morning as police update the situation:

During the overnight hours, the victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to call detectives or the Tips Hotline at 816-474-TIPS. There is a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case.

Let's break down the numbers as our TKC blog community keeps track of this tragic trend . . .

Again, unofficially this is the 103rd homicide so far this year compared to 130 at this time last year when COVID lockdown and civil unrest contributed to 179 slaughtered. In 2019 there were 99 murders around this date on the calendar for a total of 151, 2018 counted 89 (138) and 2017 witnessed 100 for a total of 151.

And so . . .

According to MSM, the COVID pandemic is ramping up once again and the public is fighting bitterly over continued health restrictions . . . 

And so we ask . . .


Trending local homicide is a complex issue and there's not a single cause or solution . . . Still, there's no denying that historic lock downs and the plague helped to exacerbate the crisis.

Accordingly, we share more info via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link collection . . .

Victim dies from injuries after shooting Saturday near 30th and Olive Street in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The victim injured in a shooting Saturday night in Kansas City died overnight, according to the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Officers responded just after 7:15 Saturday night to the area of 33rd and Wabash on the report of gunshots.

Missouri reports 1,869 new COVID cases, 14 virus deaths

by: Kevin S. Held Posted: / Updated: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri health officials released the latest information on COVID-19 cases and deaths Saturday morning. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the state has recorded 626,104 cumulative cases of SARS-CoV-2-an increase of 1,869 positive cases (PCR testing only)-and 10,449 total deaths as of Saturday, Aug.

A Kansas man died waiting for an ICU bed while hospitals were filled to capacity with COVID-19 patients

A Kansas man died after waiting several days for an ICU bed, amid a surge of COVID-19 patients. Robert Van Pelt, 44, of Kansas, died last Sunday, according to his family. The surge in hospitalizations comes amid the spread of the Delta variant.

First surges in Covid-19 infections led to shortages of hospital beds and staff. Now it's oxygen.

Parts of the South are running out of oxygen supply as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations continue soaring, primarily driven by the swaths of people who remain unvaccinated and a dangerous coronavirus variant that has been tirelessly infecting millions of Americans.

Pandemic surge causes major shortage of a drug for severe Covid-19 and rheumatoid arthritis

Renee Melendez is frustrated with the unvaccinated for more reasons than just the renewed spread of Covid-19, she said.

Credit where it's due on this clever headline . . .

Rage against the vaccine? Oh, the humanity. | Kansas Reflector

Rage is a useful emotion if you're the greatest of ancient Greek warriors - Sing, O Goddess, of the rage of Achilles! - but it has its limitations for those of us not descended from kings and sea nymphs. While justifiable outrage has been instrumental in moving the arrow of history ever closer to justice, [...]

Almost a bright side . . .

U.S. Covid cases show signs of slowing, even as fatalities surge again

Covid cases are still on the rise in the U.S., but the pace of infections is showing signs of slowing, especially in some of the states that have been hit hardest by the delta variant.

A word from the top doc . . .

Fauci: 100,000 new Covid deaths in US 'predictable but preventable'

As many as 100,000 new Covid-19 deaths in the US by December is "predictable but preventable", the leading US infectious diseases expert said on Sunday, as dozens of states reported rapidly increasing fatalities.

Peek at the future . . .

Pediatric Covid hospitalizations surge to highest on record in U.S. as doctors brace for more

Children are now being hospitalized in record numbers across the United States, and doctors are warning that it could get worse as schools begin to reopen and the swift-moving coronavirus delta variant drives cases higher. New Covid hospital admissions for kids have reached their highest levels since the U.S.

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