Walking With Death In Kansas City

Apropos for Sunday, we noticed a jaunt with the eternal question of the afterlife by this town's top writer on faith & morals.

The premise . . .

"Here in this seductive 27-acre graveyard, which Kevin Fewell, the historical society’s board president, calls “sacred ground,” you can find retreat from the noise and busyness of life to think or maybe just breathe."

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Taking a Walk With Death Prompts Pondering of Life

It's whispery quiet today here in Union Cemetery. It is every day, really, despite the burial ground's location at 227 E. 28th Terr., just south of busy Crown Center, and despite nearby construction work on Main Street, where aggressive, clattering machines have been assaulting the roadway so utility lines can be relocated in preparation for extending the KC Streetcar line south to 51 st Street.