Today's Trash Talk: City Hall Seyz 311 Will Solve Kansas City Garbage Crisis

A great many locals have noticed that this town is looking rather dumpy as of late.

Trash pickup has suffered amid the pandemic and whilst our politicos and civic leaders are busy fighting for social justice . . . Nobody has bothered to notice more garbage piling up.

Sadly, 12th & Oak is turning blame back onto victims of his management FAIL that started sometime around 1964.

KCMO Neighborhood and Housing Services said there's no reason for trash to pile up.

"So many of these things are easily taken care of and would be taken care of by the city if they do nothing more than make a phone call," said John Baccala, spokesperson for KCMO Neighborhood and Housing Services. "They'll pick up appliances. They'll pick up these types of things. You're allowed two trash bags a week."

I hope readers got a laugh out of that last line . . . I did.

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Residents fed up with trash contributing to blight in one KCMO neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Residents in the Swope Parkway-Elmwood neighborhood are upset with the trash on sidewalks and properties that they say contributes to blight in their community and would like to see more enforcement and clean-up efforts. There's litter almost everywhere when looking around on East 60th Terrace between Jackson and Elmwood Avenues.