Top 5 Reactions To Mayor Q Inviting Afghan Refugees To Kansas City

The Mayor earned quite a few social media accolades after inviting refugees to Kansas City after the fall of Kabul. 

However, not everybody in Kansas City was so supportive. 

Accordingly . . .

CHECK THE TKC TOP 5 CLAP BACKS AGAINST MAYOR Q ROLLING OUT THE WELCOME WAGON TO THE PEOPLE OF AFGHANISTAN!!! shares a bit of brief description but most of these responses speak for themselves . . . Moreover, we picked these retorts because they're not just reactionary ranting, they're actually kind of clever.

A quick comparison of FAILED local policy . . .

"So you complain daily about not having homes for homeless and now you want thousands more? Are we covid testing each one? Background checks?"

We enjoyed this bit of snark . . .

"Please send them to a safe city with a responsible mayor. KC does not have that."

The Mayor's reputation questioned . . .

"You going to put them in a hotel for a month without food and then kick them into the streets?"

A common infrastructure concern . . .

"I have had the same pothole in front of my work for 12 years, let's start there..."

An important question about accountability . . .

"How about asking your constituents first???"

Further reading . . .

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You decide . . .