Kansas City Mayor Q Welcomes New Friends From Afghanistan

At this point, it's pretty clear Mayor Q is basically working to troll his critics via social media rather than work on any serious policy issues that might improve the standard of living for homeowners, voters and longtime residents.

Here's his latest pronouncement that has sparked a social media firestorm . . . 

"Kansas City would proudly accept refugees from Afghanistan who have served bravely by our side over the past generation.

"And, we have space for the many who have not been able to serve, but who seek freedom to learn, vote, work, and have the equal rights our country offers for women and men."

That's sweet but it basically ignores the immigration and terrorism threat that's confronting Kansas City and the nation after this historic defeat retreat. 

A www.TonysKansasCity.com news headline reference from Politico.com . . .

Pentagon warns of worsening terrorist threat as Taliban seize Afghanistan

You decide . . .