At the outset of this month we talked about a toxic homeless camp and city hall's continued FAIL in coping with an ongoing crisis.

Here are more deets and background regarding the site . . .

In 2019, a Kansas City-led coalition applied for funding from the Environmental Protection Agency to address brownfields across the area. The application stated that before 1958, a poor community living in impoverished housing resided on the Chouteau site until it was demolished and filled for construction of an adjacent highway interchange.

According to the application, the fill caused chronic structural problems in the housing units. It also said that a preliminary assessment identified elevated levels of lead, arsenic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

The coalition received $1.4 million in EPA Brownfields Program funding in 2020 for cleanup planning and assessment in the region.

Andrew Bracker, Kansas City’s brownfields coordinator, told a Columbus Park resident that the program was preparing to begin another round of testing of the area.

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'Toxins Don't Stop At Property Lines': Homeless Population Camps At Potentially Hazardous Site

A growing homeless population is now camping at a potentially hazardous waste site after being asked to relocate by Kansas City officials. More than 20 tents are lined across city property that borders the site of the former Chouteau Courts apartments and Belvidere Park.