TKC Midweek Irony: Activists Complain About Kansas City Police Complaints

Because we notice that, in the COVID-era, most American communication is nothing more than a litany of sharing a seemingly endless grievances.

Here's one more that should remind everyone why they're divorced . . .

Racial slurs are categorized as “discourtesy,” a label that includes “circumstances where the actions or statements of a Department member were in violation of the Code of Ethics or Rules of Conduct of the Department based upon the context of the contact with the complainant.”

“When we categorize complaints, it’s based on the narrative given to us by the complainant,” said Merrell Bennekin, executive director of the Office of Community Complaints. “It’s our best guess based on what was told to us on the complaint form and the interview that happens in first contact.”

Lora McDonald, executive director of the social justice organization MORE2, said classifying on intake is a mistake.

“They’re classifying before investigating,” she said. “How can you decide if there was bias before investigating?”

Read more via link with the caveat that we do, in fact, believe that hottie diva Britany has some legitimate complaints . . .

When racial slurs aren't biased-based policing - The Beacon

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