TKC Caption Contest: Kansas City Pride Parade In Pix

Have a peek at what is likely the very best photo spread in Kansas City today. 

No pun intended. In many ways this was also a family affair . . . Then again, some of the more bawdy displays might not be age-appropriate for everyone.

Nevertheless . . . Here are a few fun items to find . . .

- Epic T-Shirt Slogan: "My Goal Is Your Hole."

- This Town's 2nd favorite weather dude and his dogs. 

- A TON of corporate support.

Take a look via link and try to be nice so that we don't get cancelled off the Internets . . .

Photos: Pride 2021 made for a diverse and delightful weekend

A family enjoys KC Pride fest. // Photo by Jim Nimmo The Show-Me Kansas City Pride Festival took place over the weekend at Theis Park, featuring a main stage with local acts, vendors, food trucks, family activities, and more. Last year's Pride Fest was canceled due to Covid and this year's celebration was decidedly different than the last.