The Pitch Denounces Hurtful Missouri Fisting Haterz

Right now we feature yet another screed from Kansas City Star castoff Barb Shelly that isn't so much "alternative" as it is just another brand of Democratic National Committee talking points.

Again, we remember that The Pitch was once a wonderful place for local weirdos and now it's just another "outlet" for partisan talking points.

Check-it . . .

Two centuries after its founding, Missouri is increasingly embracing its reactionary personality.

Every day the headlines serve up some new outrage: A new law claims to invalidate federal gun legislation. The governor frets about an imaginary scenario in which federal agents knock on people’s doors and browbeat them into getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Having all but paused abortions in the state, some lawmakers are now crusading against birth control.

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Welcome to the Show-Me Hate

Josh Hawley, The Man Who Would Be a Traitor. // Illustration by Bianca Manninger On Jan. 6, 2021, as Missouri's bicentennial year was just getting started, Josh Hawley thrust the state into the spotlight with a fist pump. We all remember that afternoon.