Kansas City Urban Core Castle Coming Soon!!!

The Summer selling season has been just as confusing, paranoid and misunderstood as everything else during his pandemic epoch.

Many locals thought they were sitting on a gold mine only to realize that home prices overall endured one of the greatest inflationary bubbles we've seen for nearly a century.

Accordingly, this bit of Kansas City real estate history is worth a peek for denizens of www.TonysKansasCity.com because it'll be hitting the market soon . . .

We don't imagine many TKC have the cash to buy a castle or the wherewithal to live the good life inside the urban core. Still, it's nice to daydream.

Check some AMAZING PIX AND WORTHWHILE REAL ESTATE PR0N via Hyperblogal . . .

When Your Home Is A Castle

In 1887 William Hockaday Wallace married Mary Chiles and had a new home built for them at 3200 Gladstone Boulevard. Sometime next year ( 2022) this home will be on the market. No price information yet. Below are views of the home from the time of its construction.