Show-Me 'Progressive' COVID Shaming

The only thing worse than right-wing pseudoscience regarding COVID & The Vaxx might be our progressive friends bullying rural neighbors and celebrating pandemic suffering that's hitting Missouri. 

Opinions on the COVID vaxx have, in fact, been weaponized and it's clear that most conversation about that pandemic is political whilst genuine concern for public health is getting harder and harder to find.

Opening line example . . . 

"Missouri as a test case in conservative covidiocy and bad governance."

Read more of this screed targeting Missouri rural residents and forgetting that Democratic Party leaders had more than their share of COVID mistakes as well . . .

"No, We Didn't Get the Vaccine... We're Republicans." - The Bulwark

In the last few weeks, Missouri has become a COVID hotspot, as have parts of its southern neighbor, Arkansas. The spikes in cases there are approaching levels not seen since winter.