Show-Me MSM Hateration For Second Amendment Protection Act

The websites on the coasts really don't have much of an idea about how life works in flyover country and/or they didn't research the not-so-surprising 2020 election returns which revealed that Missouri voted against Democratic Party in dramatic fashion despite Prez Trump playing the perfect boogeyman.

And so . . . Here's a report published by an organization filled with people who have never held a gun and would gladly disarm their own communities for the illusion of safety . . .

The Second Amendment Protection Act bars state and local police from working with the feds to enforce any laws, rules, orders or actions that “violate the Second Amendment rights of Missourians.” Any officer who “deprives” Missouri citizens of their right to pack a gun could be liable for $50,000 in damages—including cops. Although it doesn’t go into effect until the end of August, advocates, local police and federal officials have said it’s already hurting shooting investigations in a state where they are rampant.

To be fair . . . 

TKC thinks that law enforcement opposition against gun rights is an EXCEPTIONALLY interesting angle and the inconvenient political point wherein hardcore right-wing Conservatives part ways with their "support for police" when, invariably, po-po leadership admit they would also like to see more limits on gun ownership.

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How Missouri's Absurd New Gun Law Hurts Police Departments and Shooting Victims

Judy Sherry, a longtime Kansas City advocate against gun violence, founded a volunteer organization to mobilize legislative efforts in Missouri after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. Since then, she woefully admits, "nothing meaningful" has changed on the gun reform front in her state.