Show-ME COVID Unemployment Payout Losing Fight

The Missouri GOP has justifiably argued that unemployment benefits were keeping low-end workers at home and hurting the state's economy when workers could simply follow safety protocols to keep safe from the ongoing plague.

Here's a peek at the current legal fight . . .

"By withdrawing from the enhanced programs, Missouri officials had violated state statutes requiring them to maximize federal funds in the unemployment program.

"Jesus Osete, Missouri deputy solicitor general, said those requirements apply to the state’s traditional unemployment program, not the federal government’s optional additional pandemic benefits."

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Missouri lawsuit seeks reinstatement of jobless benefits

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Lawyers for Missouri residents who had their federal unemployment benefits cut when Gov. Mike Parson pulled out of programs in June are asking a court for reinstatement, with back pay. A hearing Monday in Cole County Circuit Court occurred a week before enhanced benefits were set to end for the rest of the nation.

The inevitable aftermath . . .

Court sides with Missouri Gov. Mike Parson over ending federal pandemic unemployment benefits

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced in May that he would end federal unemployment programs that were created to help with hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic on June 12, several weeks ahead of the Sept. 6 deadline set by Congress. Soon after, five Missourians sued him.