Show-Me Last Cash Crop: Weed

It's not all bad news around this bloggy dump . . . Here's a sign of farming future in flyover country and a hint that old school prohibition is ending in a bipartisan push for more money and accessibility for the growing number of addicts. 

Money line . . .

"Missouri now boasts over $91.36 million in cumulative sales for the program and over $86.03 million in total sales for the calendar year of 2021.

"The state will break the $100 million mark in cumulative sales in August . . . Could potentially break the $100 million threshold for the calendar year as well if sales continue to grow."

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Missouri tops $90 million in marijuana sales, July sales grow 20% - Greenway Magazine

New figures released by the Department of Health and Senior Services announced monthly reporting of retail sales numbers for the Missouri medical marijuana program for July. July sales staggered June, with a whopping $21.03 million spent in Missouri's dispensaries over the month.