Show-Me Guv Parson Sending 30 MILLION BUCKS To Fight COVID

Big money dedicated by Republicans reminds us that this plague is REAL and growing more costly by the day.

Check-it . . .

"Kansas City area hospitals currently report they are in the red zone when it comes to staffing.90% report moderate to significant staffing chall enges. 40.9% anticipate a shortage next week."

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Governor Parson launches $30 million plan to help hospitals cope with COVID surge

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Governor Parson announced today a $30 million package to help overwhelmed hospitals. $15 million will be allocated for staffing. Another $15 million will be for infusion centers across the state. 5-8 infusion centers will give sick patients antibody treatments so they don't have to be hospitalized.