Show-Me COVID Mask Mandate Lawsuit Against KCMO Cont'd

Mayor Q claimed a pandemic order legal case against Kansas City was "moot" in a politically charged tweet.

However, the opinion of the former KU law lecturer isn't the last word. 

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The lawsuit is more general than simple allegations that a state law is not being followed. Instead, Schmitt alleges that the city's mandate "is a continuation of a series of arbitrary, capricious, unlawful, and unconstitutional COVID-19 related restrictions. There is no reason to allow such orders to continue."

In a statement, the Missouri Attorney General's Office reported it is moving forward with discovery for its lawsuit and that litigation is moving "full steam ahead."

The case, however, currently is not scheduled to have any movement until a case management conference on Nov. 22.

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Is lawsuit over Kansas City mask mandate 'moot'? Schmitt moving 'full steam ahead'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Even though the Kansas City Council voted 10-2 to extend the city's indoor mask mandate, it's still uncertain what that will mean for the Missouri attorney general, who's suing over the issue. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has been peppering the state with lawsuits over masking rules.