Shawnee Mission Slaver History Exposed

This is a worthwhile report but as far as I can tell it mostly consists of pestering tour guides for a sleepy suburban landmark that's mostly ignored . . . Which, I guess, is the point. 

Here's the word . . .

"The history of slavery at the site is noted, as is the pro-slavery territorial legislature, but consequences are more than a matter of place and date. What is missing is evidence of the lives of the enslaved. The mission was the first school in Kansas, and endured for more than a generation with a significant portion of its people in slavery. The children of the Shawnee and the Delaware and other nations suffered, no question. They weren’t even allowed to speak their native languages in school, only English. But the enslaved at the mission could not join in those lessons, and were forbidden by law from even learning to read or write."

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The hidden history of Kansas is the story of enslaved people. Let's say their names. | Kansas Reflector

Shawnee Indian Mission is a bit of the 1850s frontier in the midst of one of the richest suburban neighborhoods in the country. Just a block away is the buzz of traffic on Shawnee Mission Parkway, and the homes in the area cost more than most of us can afford.