Rural Golden Ghetto Against Reckless Gunfire

More follow-up of a dangerous situation and one of the many drawbacks of living out in the sticks.

Errant bullets and the occasional chupacabra .

Check the summary . . .

"Johnson County Commissioners are set to vote on a measure that would impose up to a $1,000 fine for someone deemed to have shot recklessly onto or over another's property."

Read more via link . . . And regret yet another American pastime ruined by pesky people who don't want to get randomly shot . . .

Stray Bullets Keep Hitting Homes In Johnson County, So Sheriff Threatens To Fine Shooters $1,000

Education and brochures haven't reduced the number of stray bullets flying in parts of rural Johnson County. Now law enforcement, the county commission and its legal department are considering a measure that will make firing bullets onto or over property without permission a code violation that could carry a maximum $1,000 fine.