Pundits Attack Missouri Senator Hawley 'Big Lie' Branding

A KICK-ASS TKC READER recently pointed us toward yet another scathing critique of the Missouri jr. Senator that deserves further consideration.

Here's the money line . . .

"No one did more to abet Donald Trump’s effort to overthrow American democracy than Josh Hawley. He lit the fire, so why not continue to oppose the president whose small-D democratic election he tried to reject?"

Our takeaway . . . 

Back in the early days of the Biden Administration the hatred against Hawley seemed to resonate effectively. Now that many Democratic Party denizens are doubting Prez Biden's leadership . . . Sen. Hawley makes a harder target. 

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Hartmann: Insurrectionist Josh Hawley Builds His Brand

The noted political website FiveThirtyEight published a ranking last week to address the question, "Does your member of Congress vote with or against Biden?" Guess what? Missouri Senator Josh Hawley occupied 100th place among 100 senators in support of President Joe Biden.