Progressive Blog Denounces Kansas GOP COVID Disinformation Caucus

I'm not really a fan of the "Kansas Reflector" because it pretends to be news when it's just another partisan blog.

HOWEVER . . . This post was entertaining and worth a peek for a lot of reasons but mostly because I didn't know that a longtime former Kansas City weather dude was also an expert in gene sequencing . . .

These are outright conspiracy theories — supported by coded language from politicians who should know better — that have led to Kansans refusing lifesaving vaccines and masks. Each statement builds on the others, creating a self-reinforcing narrative that has fueled wave upon pandemic wave.

Not every Republican is to blame, but elected leaders across Kansas eagerly signed up for the disinformation caucus, repeatedly spreading rumors, distortions and delusional fantasies.

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Disinformation caucus of Kansas GOP spreads dangerous falsehoods about COVID | Kansas Reflector

Elected officials owe their constituents more than representation. They owe them the truth. That's proven to be a challenge in the age of COVID-19, with reactions to a public health crisis polarized along partisan lines. One party has largely followed medical experts and their advice, while the other has created a disinformation caucus, putting Kansans' [...]