Patrick 'Money' Mahomes Plays Golf Promo Game

Kansas City's top pro-sports star has recently talked up his golf game across a variety of different media outlets. 

What he's really doing is walking a delicate tightrope and hoping to broaden his marketing appeal to, hopefully, include older white dudes who dominate patronage for the middle-class pastime.

Here's a glimpse at his dedication . . .

“Golf has become a huge part of everything,” he says. “When I plan trips, when I set up my off-season, I have to figure out places to play when I’m there. I’ve got this love for golf because I have to get better, and I compete, but it’s also somewhere I can relax and have an awesome time.”

What we like about this report is how the scribe goes to EXTRAORDINARY lengths to assure readers that the newly minted multi-millionaire doesn't seem to be taking this (allegedly) elitist pastime seriously. 

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