Only Kansas City Scumbags Play 816 Bingo Local Government Propaganda

Sorry to play the party pooper.

Actually, I'm not that sorry.

Here's a TKC fact check . . . 

816 day is not a thing. 

It's something invented by a white woman with a marketing degree from a "lower-Ivy" university.

A report we're linking today at might say otherwise but rest assured . . . Anybody "playing" 816 Bingo is also being paid to support Mayor Q's tweets.

Check-it . . .

Celebrate '816 Day' with scavenger hunt bingo

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- Students in Leavenworth Public Schools are heading back to the classroom Monday morning, but this time with a situational masking policy in place. "It restricts air flow," Frank Owens, Parent said. "They breathe in more carbon dioxide than they should." "Let the kids wear masks," Charles Williams, Grandparent said.