Northeast Kansas City: Hector's Hot Mess Car Wash Needs Clean Up

It doesn't look like Hector's around anymore and so we take a peek at his legacy . . . 

According to a KICK-ASS TKC READER, there might be hope of a solution . . .

"Hector’s Car Wash Condos!!!"

Landscaping by Nature…Two units available.

Too bad the water is probably shut off . . . This might have provided the "house-less" with an easy way to clean up/hose down. 

However . . . Look closely at the pix and notice "prospective" residents eager to call the place home.

Real talk . . . Selfie-car wash options have become sparse in the Kansas City urban core amid the pandemic . . . And most locals trek to the pricey options in NKC or JoCo to avoid the hassle of the many interesting characters that camp out near local spots.

Developing . . .