Newsflash: Year Of Protest Against Kansas City Police Didn't Accomplish Anything

Here's a quick scorecard for local activists amid a so-called cultural shift . . . 

The top cop is still in power and doesn't look to be leaving any time soon. 

Local control isn't any closer to changing. 

And some of the most controversial POLICIES for police remain intact. 

On the bright side . . . A great many "activists" kick-started political careers and there are a lot of really impressive t-shirt designs.

Meanwhile, here's an example that local BLM activists don't have as much influence as their supporters & detractors believe . . .

The 48-hour rule regarding use-of-force incidents was criticized by both Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker’s office and Kansas City social justice organizations because it affords officers additional time that civilians don’t get when involved in a violent incident. With the George Floyd protests last summer bringing more attention to police violence in Kansas City, local activists and leaders had hoped the new police union contract would get rid of the policy.

It didn’t.

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KCPD officers get 48 hours to make statement after shooting - The Beacon

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New Union Contract Still Gives Kansas City Police 48 Hours To Make A Statement After A Shooting

Forty-eight hours. That's the window of time a police officer with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department has to give a formal statement following a police killing or other violent incident, according to the department's latest union contract. The Kansas City Beacon obtained a copy of the bargaining agreement through a public records request.