Mayor Q Renews Kansas City Welcome After Afghanistan FAIL!!!

Refugees from Afghanistan are on their way to Kansas City but we notice Mayor Q lowering expectations ahead of the new arrivals. 

Reality check that our progressive friends . . . 


Of course there are exceptions to this rule but we base this analysis on a great deal of anti-immigrant sentiment amongst some of our favorite urban core friends and their assorted social media ranting on a myriad of topics.

Remember that Mayor Q is living the good life with his young family in Midtown where people are far more accepting and so we doubt this kind of politically incorrect chatter finds its way to his new home. 

Nevertheless . . .

In his talk show comments today, the mayor offers a great deal of progressive hope along with conservative numbers.

“I am in some ways saddened that they have to leave home but we welcome them and really want to build an opportunity for them to build an exceptional new life here in middle America here in the United States,” Lucas said Tuesday on KCUR’s Up to Date, hosted by Steve Kraske. “I think that it is our duty to make sure we help them with that.”

He continued . . .

“For us, it would be a smaller number than you’ve seen for other cities, looking more to 50 to 100 refugees than perhaps the thousands that you’ve seen discussed in the St. Louis metropolitan area,” Lucas said.

There's some dispute about the numbers that could be as high as a couple of thousand.

Mayor Q claims that number is "manageable" and offers more local pep talk . . .

“We will just be ready from our local government side and in this region to welcome whoever is sent here,” he said.

More cringe . . . Mayor Q teased an AirBnB deal and concluded with this bit of hype that has him practicing for higher office.

“It would take significant nonprofit support and it would take significant, perhaps, government support but its the sort of thing that I think is right for us to do,” Lucas said. “We should help our allies who helped us so much over the 20 years of the conflict in Afghanistan.”

Similarly, Prez Biden offered his Afghanistan FAIL conversation this afternoon as well . . . Read more via news link . . .

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You decide . . .