Manny: Vaxx Everybody!!!

Most local political hacks don't know Manny . . . He's a very nice guy, he works incredibly hard and is EXTREMELY committed to the betterment of neighborhood - One of the most diverse in all of Kansas City, MO.

That being said . . . We know he has a growing list of critics. 

His constant slap fighting with the Northeast News has generated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENTS AND MORE THAN A FEW DEATH THREATS.

Nevertheless . . . 

Here at we believe that taking local politics too seriously is always a mistake and the local discourse should be fun given that life in flyover country rarely merits much concern or mention amongst the people who really run things i.e. The Kardashians.

And so, we take this report with a grain of salt and realize that the newspaper is playing "frenemy" to yet another politico and providing enough rope to hang up an upstart political career. 

Nevertheless, we would be remiss if we didn't share a story that's hopefully hidden behind a stingy paywall . . . Here's a rewritten headline . . .

This school board member is so frustrated that he proposed a mandatory vaccination policy

Manny Abarca, a Kansas City School Board member, proposed a mandatory vaccination policy for the school district. Abarca is frustrated about the low vaccination rate among the Latino community and concerned about kids' health when schools open.

You decide . . .