Kris Kobach Attacks Prez Biden On COVID Open Borders

The Republican front-runner in the Kansas AG contest continues to boost his right-wing credentials. Here's his latest blast that deserves a look . . .

Kris Kobach Appears on Fox News to Discuss COVID Pouring Over the Border

August 3, 2021 (Topeka) -- Kris Kobach appeared on Fox News' Ingraham Angle with Brian Kilmeade to discuss the Biden administration pushing vaccine and mask mandates on Americans while allowing COVID to pour over the border.

"How in the world can the Biden administration lean on vaccine-hesitant Americans so heavily while they are knowingly bringing in COVID-positive illegal aliens into our country by the tens of thousand every month," said Kobach. "Earlier this week information leaked from the Rio Grande Valley sector there was a 900% increase in illegal aliens testing positive for COVID."

Kilmeade pointed out Centers for Disease Control Director, Rochelle Walensky earlier in the day on Fox News downplayed the fact illegal immigrants are contributing to the spike in positive tests in the region.

"When you're bringing in tens of thousands of illegal aliens who have the virus it is going to increase COVID cases in a massive way," said Kobach. "It shows that the administration is pretending that they care so much about this virus and that is why they want Americans forced to get vaccinated, yet at the same time they obviously don't care about bringing COVID in across the border."


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