Kelly's Still Inspires Anti-Racist Rage Amongst Kansas City Activists

Last year protesters set fire to a toy stagecoach in Westport, bashed in a few windows and chained themselves to a post in Westport in order to protest "the racist past" of a beloved Westport bar.

Ownership of the building has changed hands DOZENS of times yet the owners issued an "apology" for the history of the structure. 

As always, our blog community searches for alternative local perspectives and this note stood out.

Here's the argument . . .

"The continued presence of the building is violent, anti-Black, and a daily reminder of Kansas City’s unapologetic past and present white supremacist terrorism."

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Yes, I'm Still Pissed That Slaves Were Held in the Basement of Kelly's in Westport

Can you imagine drinking and partying on top of a holocaust site? Any person with even the slightest sense of morality I assume would find the answer to that question so obvious that they wouldn't even expend the energy to respond. Even as a rhetorical question, some might find me posing such an inquiry to be offensive.

You decide . . .