Kansas Reflector Is Fake News Garbage That Doesn't Deserve Donations

A bevy of fake news blogs are popping up now that this town doesn't really have a newspaper.

The worst one of the bunch is the Kansas Reflector because it attempts to obfuscate a play-for-play sponsored content model and claim that they're real news . . . Not just another shill blog. 

Sadly, their content isn't drawing a crowd and donations must be down because they seem to be getting desperate. 

I'm not falling for their clickbait trap . . . Here at TKC we are initiated in all of the tricks of the newsie game. The theatricality, deception and emotional manipulation offered in a recent op/ed speaks to a crippling lack of self-esteem that most lady college sophomores usually overcome after "dating" a few basketball players.

Tragically, the Kansas Reflector is using COVID as an excuse to threaten the un-vaxxed with death and denial of medical care. 

It's a disgusting premise that no legit news organization or even a good blog would entertain. 

We didn't want to reference the piece but the depths that the "journalistic" operation would sink to reveals that they're quickly losing whatever influence they had.

Here's the fear pr0n money line propped up by a blog that's basically just a non-profit scheme to provide partisan welfare to unemployable hacks . . .

"As controversial as it may be, we should deprioritize the eligible unvaccinated patients during medical triage. It’s a free country, and you can absolutely choose not to get the vaccine. But choices have consequences, and the willingly unvaccinated have made this consequence necessary."

For the record, this probably wasn't written by a doctor or anybody with any medical experience. 

Again, the political blather doesn't upset us . . . It evokes a sense of pity because these d-bags actually take themselves seriously.

The rage-pr0n gambit might be successful . . . They're desperate for eyeballs and might get a few with this kind of sewer content . . . But the Kansas Reflector has revealed itself - It's junk that holds up death-wish blogging in order to garner interest. 

More than anything it's not "journalism" by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore let the DNC prop up this garbage and not people who've had to work for a living. 

Judge for yourself . . . Here's the www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Choices have consequences: Unvaccinated should get lower priority as hospitals reach capacity | Kansas Reflector

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