Kansas Redistricting Already Excludes Democratic Party Leaders

Kansas Republicans have seemingly given up trying to win Johnson County . . . So they're changing game according to the rules.

To be fair, this unsportsmanlike power move will likely end up in court and some crusty judge will decide election boundaries rather than voters.

Either way, and we note this as a blog that encourages representation of a variety of differing viewpoints in the political discourse, an unhealthy reliance on redistricting is "a bad look" for Kansas Republicans and exposes their inability to win population centers . . . i.e. the future of humanity over the course of recorded history.

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'Kansas voters deserve a fair, transparent redistricting process': Democrats critical of town hall schedule

Kansas Democrats and voter advocacy groups are criticizing the Republican-led redistricting process and the scheduling of 14 town hall meetings across the state over five days. The Kansas Legislative Research Department announced the listening sessions for the House and Senate redistricting committees on Friday. The meetings will be Aug.