Kansas City Weekly Hype Cleanup

Tonight we share a bit of 12th & Oak promotional garbage because it's comforting to listen to whilst working on more important stuff.

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The Weekly Report provides news and insight about Kansas City, Mo. programs and services provided by City departments.

Kansas City, Missouri was recognized as an All-American City for its dedication to providing equity throughout City programs. The award was presented to all City employees at an event this week.

The City is launching a more aggressive street cleaning campaign which includes an easier way for residents to request street sweeping, thanks to the new myKCMO app.

And, The City Council authorized up to $2.5 million dollars for the City’s first affordable housing trust fund of funds to provide affordable housing for residents at the lowest income levels and for those who are currently homeless.

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Hopefully, we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!