Kansas City Triple Killing Reconsidered: Protest To Free Kevin Strickland

There call for exoneration of this old school Kansas City murder convict earns more support from across the state.

Here's the best summary that I've read which better explains the situation outside of partisan blathering:

Strickland was arrested in 1978, accused of killing three people in Kansas City. The killings occurred when a group of assailants ransacked a Kansas City home. Larry Ingram, 21; John Walker, 20; and Sherrie Black, 22, were fatally shot. Cynthia Douglas, the only eye witness, was wounded but pretended to be dead.

For decades, two men who pleaded guilty in the killings swore Strickland was not with them and two other accomplices during the killings. Douglas later said detectives pressured her into identifying Strickland as the shooter. She tried to recant for years before her death in 2015.

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Dozens rally to free Kevin Strickland, Lamar Johnson after new Missouri law goes into effect

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Jackson County's prosecutor is asking a judge to exonerate a man who's been in prison for more than 40 years after a new Missouri law went into effect allowing attorneys to ask a judge to reverse a case. Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker isn't the only one pushing for Kevin Strickland's freedom.

Miracle of Innocence among supporters ready to help Kevin Strickland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There's a network of supporters ready to help Kevin Strickland live life as a free man if a judge exonerates him later this week. "Once he gets out, he won't know anything, you know? This world is going be a foreign world to him," Darryl Burton, founder of Miracle of Innocence, said.