Kansas City Starlights: Remember When People Read The Paper?!?!

As a public service from www.TonysKansasCity.com and whilst we're working on other stuff, here's a quick review of the morning news blast from The Kansas City Star . . .

‘Does Frank White even care?’ Jackson County displacing 100 families to build new jail - Complaints against the courthouse are commonplace and this one is about a week old. Meanwhile, defending a doomed trailer park might seem like a nice way for middle-class journalists to redeem themselves for our progressive friends.

If NBA considers Kansas City for expansion, guess whose hand is up: He wears No. 15 - The hype machine for Patrick Mahomes persists despite a growing number of doubters about the chances of the Kansas City Chiefs this season.

‘Disastrous:’ Emails show WyCo health official’s frustration with political leaders - Public health debate in The Dotte attempts to place blame on small-time politicos with very little real power.

Missouri’s incompetent attorney general wears no mask — and has no clothes -Show-Me the newspaper standing up for Mayor Q and the Democratic Party super-minority who need all the help they can get given that their support from voters is minimal and faltering quickly as election season approaches.

The rest of their morning content is filler and not really worth consideration . . . We're surprised that the paper didn't share a daily attack on police - Probably behind the paywall. 

Meanwhile, TKC just saved readers about 800 bucks per year.

Developing . . .