Kansas City Starlights: Didn't I Already See This On TV News?!?

As a public service and because we've been a garbage blogger for at least two weeks . . . Probably more.

We offer a public service and go through some of the more interesting headlines from the so-called Kansas City "paper-of-record" . . . No, not Facebook. 

Here's the www.TonysKansasCity.com dead-tree collection . . .

Dead-Tree in defense of Mexican Border chaos . . .

'Dehumanizing' myths blaming Mexican immigrants for COVID surge are baseless, experts say

Since Day One, the COVID-19 pandemic and racism have been near inseparable. When the coronavirus first appeared in the United States, people of Asian descent were attacked - and continue to be -while being blamed for the pandemic, leading to a rise in racist encounters ranging from verbal to physical assault.

People still write letters???

Letters: KC readers discuss offensive comic, Biden's responsibility and JoCo sheriff

The Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council is concerned about The Star's publication of an offensive "The Argyle Sweater" comic strip by Scott Hilburn on the Aug. 4 comics page. (9B) It used a scatological pun at the expense of sensitivities within our community's Muslim population.

Newsletter deep thoughts but no laughs . . .

On The Vine: What we do when the world burns

It's odd, but it almost seems easy to forget turmoil when you yourself are not in crisis. I suppose I should only speak for myself. You let me know if you sympathize with the sentiment. Though the world has seemingly, strangely slowed down since March 2020, the days are still nonstop.

You decide . . .