Kansas City Star Blames Gun Violence On The Chiefs!!! WTF?!?

I'm quite certain this is just another troll from a newspaper that's struggling to find readers.

Today The Star attempts to hold the Kansas City Chiefs accountable for rising gun violence and uses the recent high-profile Uzi bust of Frank Clark as their main talking point.

Here's the money line . . .

"In a city plagued by gun violence, where 100-plus homicides per year have become the norm, we believe the Chiefs’ organization and its top players owe it to the community to take a tougher, more public stance against bloodshed and killings.

"That means players and coaches, whose voices can make a difference, must take prominent leadership roles in reducing the warfare that plagues city streets."

The mayor's surprising retort to the paper that serves as his only media outlet . . .

"When gun violence and deaths in the cities seem like part of a game to our leaders, how/why the hell are we going to call out a bunch of young part-time residents to save us from our own bad policies, rhetoric, and results?"

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

The Chiefs have a huge voice in Kansas City. They must raise it to fight gun violence

The Chiefs are one of Kansas City's most important and recognizable institutions. We argue about lots of things, sure, but we agree on the Chiefs, who bring our community together in a special way. As the Chiefs go, so goes Kansas City. That's a great gift to us, but it matters to the team too.