Kansas City Royals Stay Losing Game #69

Well on the road to 100 losses again this year . . . We notice that even diehard fans have completely given up on this season and, in turn, have started eating their heart out.

Here's a money line from an EXCELLENT write-up of last night's game and a glimpse at front office FAIL widely acknowledged.

"Long story short: stop playing anybody who you don’t think will still be here when you’re contending next. There is no reason to play those players."

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Royals lose their 69th game of the season, 4-0 to Astros

The Astros beat the Royals, 4-0, in an uninteresting Tuesday night affair. Houston got three in the first - all unearned runs - and Kansas City never threatened. The Royals managed only four hits on the night. The bottom of the first inning was pretty frustrating.