Kansas City Royals Can't Win Again With Dayton Moore

Kansas City baseball fans are growing increasingly frustrated with the Royals' front office and trade strategy (or lack thereof) is driving complaints.

Here's a nice round-up and a good question . . .

"Dayton Moore is relentlessly optimistic and never would have traded away his core players with the team in the hunt, but let’s pretend that the Royals were run more like a transactional team. What if Moore had taken a look at his team, seen a flawed team that had overachieved, and decided it was time to rebuild?"


That's a really nice way to say Kansas City got lucky. 

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Should the Royals have traded their core in 2017 the way the Cubs did this year?

The Cubs dismantled the core of their 2016 championship club last month, sending Anthony Rizzo, Javier Báez, and Kris Bryant to contenders at the July trade deadline in separate deals.