First and foremost . . . Since the gubmint is still printing free money, TKC would be more than happy to spend the new Harriet Tubman 20s . . . Even if one of the bravest women in human history probably wouldn't approve of so many purchases of pricey coffee and snack cakes. 

But I digress . . . 

Sadly, this week we've learned that taxpayer largess amid time of plague was not applied equally amongst the denizens of the Kansas City restaurant scene. 

Here's the money line . . .

Disparities among Restaurant Revitalization Fund grantees skew along geographic lines in Kansas City. Data shows that dollars flowed predominantly to businesses located in the city’s more commercial, affluent areas, like midtown, downtown and the Northland.

Of the 10 local businesses that received grants of more than $1 million, a majority are located either downtown or in midtown.

There's some well deserve cash shaming in a recent report that should be fun for local foodies who LOVE indulging in sour grapes.

However, we notice that some of our favorite Mexican & Chinese places didn't garner very much free money either . . . Sadly, local newsies are so hopelessly trapped in a Black vs. white narrative that they didn't notice. 

One last thing . . . There was one Indian place on the list but most of the curry served in KCMO is basically just "rented" on the way directly to the toilet . . . So I'm sure that was a consideration.

Here's the report that might or might not qualify as a good reason to avoid leaving a big tip . . .

In Kansas City, Restaurant Revitalization Funds flowed to whiter, more affluent areas

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