Kansas City Rail Deal: Streetcar Extension Traffic Jam Hype Debuts

Once again the toy train attempts to build "excitement" about a great deal of traffic inconvenience and massive real estate speculation. 

Here is their movie sequel approved by way of gerrymandered mail-in ballot . . .

KC Streetcar is proudly announcing The Rail World: Stories of the Main Street Extension.

Learn about the extension and hear great stories along the way: From fun facts about different neighborhoods around the alignment to all the great businesses you can explore when the KC Streetcar Main Street extension is complete.

For the next several months, KC Streetcar will feature different segments along the extension corridor and dive into the history of the areas along the route, explore enterprising businesses in each segment, and imagine how the track will integrate into the surrounding community.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

KC Streetcar | The Rail World: Stories Along the Main Street Extension

KANSAS CITY, BABY! One Streetcar system. Nearly four more miles. 16 new station stops. Connecting the Roos to the River - COMING EARLY 2025! This is the true story of the KC Streetcar extending down Main Street through midtown Kansas City, stretching from Union Station to the University of Missouri - Kansas City.