Kansas City Pundit Challenges Twitter COVID Delta Censorship

Thanks to THE BEST & BRIGHTEST KICK-ASS TKC READERS . . . We highlight this somewhat recent and still important note because this very smart lady isn't your drunk uncle sharing silly memes but an educated and intelligent woman who was smacked down by some rather intolerant algorithms. 

Background on the troubles of former 'Ruckus' Kansas City talk show guest and local writer Lisa Johnson . . .

"Many will assume that it is only right-wing extremists or anti-vaxxers who have their social media accounts limited. I am neither. I was the 2010 Democratic Party nominee for United States Senate in Kansas. I understand that vaccines can improve individual health outcomes for those who become infected. But I also feel strongly that everyone should be fully informed about the limitations of vaccines and any additional approaches that may improve their personal safety, such as masks and testing programmes."

As social media "matures" we notice many instances where reasonable people are silenced.

To be fair, this blog has endured some complaints over censorship as well . . . But we're just a dumb-ass web page and not a global communications outlet.

However . . .

Locals depending on social media to share their perspectives, products and messages might want to think twice given that the rules of the game are quickly changing.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

The Delta Variant and the Censorship of Inconvenient Information - Areo

Did you know that beheading videos, pornography and mask effectiveness charts from journal articles are lumped into the same category of sensitive information by Twitter? Neither did I. For the past several weeks I have noticed my Twitter impressions diminishing, particularly when replying to others.