Kansas City Providing More Taxpayer Cash To 18th & Vine

After a generation of subsidy, incentives and generous donations haven't worked to create a sustainable business model; Kansas City hopes a vicious circle of more taxpayer cash will help turn 18th & Vine around following a year of violence that plagued the district. 

Translation . . . 


Let's not forget that the entertainment district has spent $100 MILLION in taxpayer cash since 1990. 

But we're not all about dollars & cents here at TKC . . . 

Here's a favorite fun fact . . . 

Subsidy for Kansas City's 18th & Vine district has lasted longer than the Jazz age . . . In much the same way that the popular 70s & 80s TV series M*A*S*H lasted longer than the Korean war on which it was based. 

Let's not play favorites . . . Strident critics often forget that the downtown P&L District enjoys millions more worth taxpayer largess. 

However, there are signs of life in 18th & Vine . . . Sadly, renewed community interest has also attracted a tragic spate of shootings and rampant gunfire. 

What's unfortunate about new plan is that MORE TAXES will discourage any organic biz growth and leave the district awash in sketchy and uninteresting welfare projects that will always be dependent on city hall for help. 

Right now the most successful places in the district have found new and exciting ways to distribute booze and promote risqué booty shaking events . . . Which TKC respects despite the proven potential for those "attractions" to cause trouble.

Meanwhile, 12th & Oak imagines that family friendly fare will sustain a place that was always predicated on good times for adults.

Here's the quote www.TonysKansasCity.com pulled from a lesser blog . . .

The petition for the Vine Street Community Improvement District — where an extra sales tax is levied to provide a pool of money to pay for safety and beautification efforts — was heard before the Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee on Wednesday. Committee members unanimously voted to advance the ordinance for a vote in full council on Thursday.

In Kansas City, CIDs are credited with maintaining and improving areas like downtown, Westport and Waldo, where large districts were created to provide a common benefit to businesses and visitors. The money is typically focused toward landscaping, security, trash collection and marketing.

If approved, the Vine Street CID would encompass the area south of 18th Street, north of the railroad tracks, West of Highland Avenue and east of The Paseo.

Developing . . .