Kansas City Progressive Catholic Newspaper Helps Save The Planet

Dead-tree media has been tearing down forests for more than a century, recently they're starting to help pay back their environmental debts.

Here's a peek at the process of one national locally based paper . . .

The process officially began a year before the vote, when a board member suggested reassessing the publishing company’s portfolio to ensure their investments reflected the paper’s values. In May 2020, the Vatican released guidelines that provided best practices for Catholic organizations in implementing the principles of Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical on care for creation, Laudato Si’.

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Major Catholic newspaper divests from fossil fuels

(RNS) - The National Catholic Reporter, a Kansas City-based Catholic newspaper with a readership of about a million readers a month, has divested its $12.7 million endowment from fossil fuel companies. The National Catholic Reporter's board ratified the move in May 2021, and the decision went into effect on Thursday.