Kansas City PBS Offers Diverse Ruckus Replacement

Longtime denizens of the discourse might remember RUCKUS - A long running and well-liked Kansas City public affairs show that as abruptly cancelled at the outset of American cultural shift. 

As expected, here's the replacement offering that doesn't really offer anything captivating judging by the first look BUT does provide a platform for cowtown power players to pretend that they're on CNN, MSNBC etc.

"The new show will source experts over pundits, solutions over divisions, and informed insight over partisan talking points. It is uncompromising journalism that seeks answers, options and commonalities to address our city’s biggest problems. Everything is up for discussion: from the future of work in a post-COVID world to gentrification, houselessness, the environment and criminal justice reform."

The monthly format means it's mostly just a garbage dump of complaints but we'll be watching nevertheless . . .

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

New Kansas City PBS Show Brings Context to Issues Affecting Kansas City

Kansas City PBS has added a new, locally produced show to its lineup. The Flatland show, named after the station's digital journalism platform, is a monthly current affairs program that takes a deep dive into a single local issue raising questions, causing tensions, or is curiously unexplored. It will premiere Thursday, Sept.