Kansas City 'Parade Of Hearts' Offers Opportunity For Mediocre Local Artists

Don't get it twisted . . . This is a good thing.

The problem with most "public art" efforts is that local artists and judges of creative talent take themselves far too seriously.

However . . .

This campy project offers a way for those of us you on the CREATIVE LOW-END to partake in the largess of the art world without having to provide oral pleasure to some Euro-trash dude named Sergio -- Which is the only way ANY & EVERY work of art is sold. 

And so, very much like hottie Jordan and her classic body of work, we share this camp-y competition with just a bit of bubbly optimism . . . Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Parade of Hearts: Calling All Artists

Parade of Hearts SOURCE: Parade of Hearts Share your heart with the heartland! As a nod to Kansas City's "historic ties to heart imagery," The Kansas City Parade of Hearts is looking for artists, groups and organizations who want to bring their vision to life and proudly display them across the community.