Kansas City Mail Carrier Bites Back Against Vicious Dog

Collective punishment is always the rule for people with even a modicum of power in Kansas City.

And so, here's one more example of why neighborhood "Karens" feel entitled to get in your bee's wax.

"The post office said if the dog continues to threaten its employees, it might be forced to permanently stop door-to-door delivery. In that case, neighbors would eventually get their mail from a cluster box or in curbside boxes, which can be filled without having to leave the mail truck."

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Aggressive dog once again keeping Kansas City neighborhood from getting mail delivered

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Problems continue for a Kansas City neighborhood that mail carriers are afraid to visit because of a loose dog that likes to chase them. When FOX4 Problem Solvers first reported the problem on 83rd Terrace near Troost Avenue in July, neighbors hadn't had mail delivered in a month.