Kansas City Irony: Housing Committee Abandoned

I kinda think a pretty decent local substack is just another robot account for Mayor Q's administration so I'm not going to promote a recent post which could be just another 12th & Oak ruse. 

For the record . . . Virtually anybody who tweets something nasty back at Mayor Q ends up trolled for days by a series of accounts who have less than 10 followers . . . The marketing firm that handled former Mayor Sly's biz isn't really putting their heart into playing for Team Q. 

But I digress . . .

Here's the fun fact that TKC is stealing quoting . . .

"In 2021, the Kansas City Special Committee on Housing Policy have only met 3 times with agendas (3 other times are on the calendar but don’t have any details). And when they have met, it has often been to just pass contracts for specific projects."

To be fair, here at www.TonysKansasCity.com we know that most of the work for this group is done by way of group sessions for KC Tenants . . . We hear they not only handout more free yellow t-shirts but there's also punch & pie. 

So we're not really falling behind . . . Think of it as "reallocation" of bad ideas from a town that has endured one bit of housing embarrassment after the next. 

Developing . . .